Product Design
Created in collaboration with Eilish Out-O’Reilly
Walking home alone at night can often feel unsafe at times, and apps that are designed to help the user feel safe within these situations in many cases do the opposite. They are slow, unreliable and no single app is able to do everything that a user needs when put into a dangerous situation. This leaves the user still feeling vulnerable and scared. A capable and user friendly app would help solve this problem.
When given the brief of creating a location/transport app, we knew we wanted to help eliminate the feeling of unsafeness within users, and create an app that would handle this situation in a light and approachable manner while still remaining user friendly. User research allowed us to understand what elements worked well within previous apps, and what needed to be worked on. So we designed an app that had location tracking, in app messaging, motion detection, and notifications for updates.
Most importantly, we wanted to solve a problem the many face every day, getting from point A to B safely. The daily commute for people can often feel long and unsafe by yourself. Buddy needed to be an app that created a sense of unity among users, and help to change these feelings in a fun and innovated way and help make their daily commute be more enjoyable.